Manual Books
Satellite receiver manual books for K-270, Homecast, Crystal: hard copy scanned versions.

Trouble Shooting:
List of all possible error messages and instructions to solve different problems.

Signal Coverage
Signal Coverage Map, Satellite feed footprint.

Technical Supports:
Technical instructions on dish set up, receiver and TV connections.

Home Theatre:
Integrate satellite TV into your home theatre system.

Limited Warranty
Subscription & dish installation agreement & Limited Warranty.


Video Quality Gallery

Dream offers standard definition video of both PAL and NTSC.

Video Format Resolution Pixel Ratio Equivalent square-pixel resolution
PAL 4:3 720×576 12:11 786×576
PAL 16:9 720×576 16:11 1048×576
NTSC 4:3 720×480 10:11 654×480
NTSC 16:9 720×480 40:33 872×480

Standard video quality is best displayed on TV less than 24 inches (tubes). The image of Dream might look blur on plasma TV, flat TV, LED & LCD new types.

Check the following photos to get a general idea of what you get . (iphone imaging )

When standard-definition television signals are transmitted in digital form, its pixels have rectangular shape, as opposed to square pixels that are used in modern computer monitors and modern implementations of HDTV. The table below summarizes pixel aspect ratios for various kinds of SDTV video signal. Note that the actual image (be it 4:3 or 16:9) is always contained in the center 704 horizontal pixels of the digital frame, regardless of how many horizontal pixels (704 or 720) are used. In case of digital video signal having 720 horizontal pixels, only the center 704 pixels contain actual 4:3 or 16:9 image, and the 8 pixel wide stripes from either side are called nominal analogue blanking and should be discarded before displaying the image. Nominal analogue blanking should not be confused with overscan, as overscan areas are part of the actual 4:3 or 16:9 image.

The pixel aspect ratio is always the same for corresponding 720 and 704 pixel resolutions because the center part of a 720 pixels wide image is equal to the corresponding 704 pixels wide image.

TV Buying Guide
Difference of all types of TV.