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Receiver Box Unit Activation

Unit Activation

Dream's receiver boxes need to be activated through satellite signal to start the legal subscription. The process will pair the receiver box up with the smart card inserted into it as one legitimate unit. Your subscription starts the same day of activation, and it lasts until the date before it of next year. A fixed one year contract is included in our first installation package. 

Before unit activation, when the STB is connected to satellite dish antenna with good signal reception, two channels for free (FTA) are working: Channel 1: TV Maria & Channel 11: Living Asia. These two channels are also used to check if the signal input from dish antenna to receiver is sufficient.

Unit Re-Activation

Sometimes you might find error message displayed on screen as "This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smart Card". First you have to make sure that you subscription is still valid. If so, you have to request a unit re-activation to us to make the receiver working back to normal. To do that you need to report us both the error message and your smart card number.

Where is the smartcard number? How do I find it? 

There is a sim card inserted into your receiver box. Please do not take the smart card out unnecessarily. You can find the number on TV screen by a few click of your remote control buttons. Homecast receiver for example: Menu, Status, NagraVision, System Information, Smartcard S/N, the 12 digit number like 09 2070 4585 xx is it. Please save the smart card number for future use so you do not have to check it again if necessary. Here come the instructions on how to find them from the receiver.

AF-5102S | Homecast | K-270

You do find the number printed under the bar code on your smart card. I suggest you to find it only on TV screen. Unnecessary plug of smart card might cause other problems. Some people might insert it back upside down then you will see messages like " smart card is not inserted correctly."

Unit re-activation takes around 20 minutes a round. After sending us the number, please keep the box ON. You have to check it in 20 minutes and let us know if the unit is working or not. We assume that it's working fine if you do not request further activation. 

Please do not complain to us that your unit is not working for days, or even for months. Technically we cannot detect if your unit is working fine or not without your reports. When you request an activation, please make sure you have time to stay around the TV to check it timely and respond to us so we can try it again timely until it's fixed. It normally takes once or twice, some times even more than three times to achieve a unit activation. Activation signal will be sent from the satellite to activate the unit. In some case you have to do a Channel Search or Factory Default reset to erase the unit's memory. This practice is not necessarily a must to each case. Please refer to our Receiver Units section for more instructions on default resets if it is advised.

Why & When it happens? 

If a box stops working before your subscription expiry date, a re-activation is needed. We noticed that the problem happens more often on the following cases: 

1. Receiver box is off for too long a time as of two weeks or longer. 
2. When dish antenna signal input is not sufficient. (Check your signal quality and let us know to judge if we need some onsite dish works) 
3. If you put things around or above receiver box which might block the ventilation holes.

Trouble Shooting 

From time to time we receive reports on different problems with satellite TV. People can always call us for help but before that we strongly suggest you to know the following: Almost 50% of cable issues can be solved by the subscribers. If there is anything wrong, first please check your box and coaxial cable connections. If we have recently installed splitters or you have moved equipment you had better to double check the connections. Also make sure your TV is set to the correct INPUT by using your TV remote (not the cable remote) to toggle through AV1..AV2..VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, until you get a picture or at least a message from your STB. If you get no display as you go through each "mode" then more than likely you have the satellite TV in the wrong input jack. After you are sure that there is no such mistakes then the last trick of hard reboot ( power off and on at box rear panel ) help often. 

After checking the above things, you supposed to have an error message telling you what is wrong on the screen, send it to us together with your smart card number so we can judge what is wrong and we can decide what has to be done next. Please do not wait if you see any error messages, report to us, the problems will not fix themselves.