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The 80s

Anything was possible in the 80s and we all thought we were cool then. If you remember the nerdy glasses, giant cell phoned, big hairdos, a game called Pac-Man® and the chunky personal computer called Macintosh®, you are definitely in the right decade.

National Geographic Channel brings you the defining biography of a generation. The 6 Part The 80s: The Decade that Made Us and the 4 part 80s Greatest will witness the birth of an era that spawned ideas an creations which shaped and dominates the world we live in today. Welcome back to the 1980s. 

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

Chasing the wild heart and soul of the American West. From the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the luminous sand dunes of the Mojave Desert and the majesty of California's golden coast, the American West has enticed countless pioneers with its wide-open spaces and the promise of possibility. But only the strongest settlers actually survived the passage westward. They had to be more than just "tough." Turns out, these people had to adopt the characteristics of the wildlife found there: resilience, ingenuity and a knack for survival in the face of challenge. In this three-hour blue-chip natural history series, we'll explore the Mountains, Deserts and Coasts of the American West and reveal how its wildlife, terrain and people share an indomitable spirit that has shaped our nation.

International Open House

Open House

International Open House takes a privileged peek inside some of the homes that tourists only look at from the street - an exclusive invitation to see how the residents truly live.

Top Shows

Fight Science Through the skill and talent of scientists, motion capture specialists, and the best martial artists in the world.

Air Crash Investigation Special Report Remarkable stories from the series have led to new regulations within the aviation industry making flying safer.

Earth Day Access details on Nat Geo's inspiring eco-programming.

Engineering Connections How did a birdcage lead to the building of Taipei 101? Richard Hammond makes the connections.

Carrier Enter the high-stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier as we meet the crew of the USS Nimitz.Over 5,000 marines and sailors...

Inside World War II takes an intimate look at personal wartime experiences from the perspective of a wide array of veterans and citizens who endured the front lines bloody conflicts day by day, hour by hour, and second by second. Richly woven throughout this story are the harrowing images of combat, despair, and destruction. Compelling graphics mapping out locations and battle strategies helps tell the story with a straight-forward understanding.