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BBC World News: international news, features and analysis from Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and more.

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BBC World News

The latest international news from the BBC


Live international news from London and Singapore every weekday. With Babita Sharma, Kasia Madera (London) and Rico Hizon, Sharanjit Leyl (Singapore)


George Alagiah (Monday-Thursday) and Stephen Sackur (Friday) present the latest news developments from across the globe, with updates on business and sport.


Global news as it affects audiences around the world. Mishal Husain (Monday-Thursday) and Lyse Doucet (Friday) present breaking news, debate and analysis, using the full range of BBC Correspondents mostly from the Asia Pacific nations and across the world.


Jon Sopel an in depth exploration of the issues of the day.

Focus on Africa

Komla Dumor presents news, business and sport from across the continent.

World News Today

The news programme for audiences who want more depth to their daily coverage. With a focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa, Zeinab Badawi (Monday, Thursday-Friday) and Philippa Thomas (Tuesday-Wednesday) bring context and understanding to the most complex of events.

Business Edition

Tanya Beckett (Monday-Thursday) and Jamie Robertson (Friday) bring understanding and informed analysis of days business stories and the links to the days top stories.

BBC World News America

Comprehensive news and analysis with Katty Kay. Broadcast from the BBC's Washington D.C. Studio.

Other live programmes:

Asia Business Report

Live from Singapore the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day
Sport Today – All the latest sports news and results from around the globe
World Business Report – The latest business news with informed analysis from the world's financial centres.

World Have Your Say

Each week, BBC World viewers can join the multimedia phone-in programme, broadcast alongside BBC World Service Radio and BBC Online, and share their views on topical issues of the day with a global audience.

Pre-recorded programmes:

Africa Business Report

Monthly look at business across the continent, talking to the people and businesses who are changing the economic face of Africa.


A comprehensive guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

Dateline London

Foreign correspondents based in London give their views on the week's international news

Develop Or Die

Investigations and reports on the challenges, problems and successes of developing nations as they seek to increase their wealth or, in some cases, get out of poverty.

Equestrian World

More than competition, Equestrian World concentrates on the spirit of the sport and the lifestyle surrounding it.

Fast Track

The series with the latest news about travel, from the industry itself to advice on the latest deals and destinations for people travelling on business or for leisure.


Stephen Sackur talks to newsmakers and personalities from across the globe.

India Business Report

India Business Report provides an indispensable guide to the big stories to watch out for in the week ahead.


Hosts Adam Shaw and Saima Mohsin travel the world speaking with the companies and individuals who are shaping the way humankind will live over the next decade.

Middle East Business Report

Getting behind the issues of trade, business and economics in the Gulf, to reveal how this important economic region works and interacts with the rest of the world.


Jeremy Paxman looks back at the best of the week's films and discussions from Newsnight.

Our World

Features the BBC's finest news programmes on current issues around the world. The documentaries showcase BBC journalism at its best with programmes that expose and evaluate global topics.


A weekly showcase of the best reports from the BBC's global network of correspondents.

Russia Business Report

The BBC's team of business experts report from across Russia. While getting under the skin of this complex country they will also be reporting on the companies and business leaders who are becoming major players in the global economy.

Spirit Of Yachting

This series explores some of the most exciting events in the world of sailing. The films tell the human stories behind the race and reveal the passion, emotion and dedication needed to take part in any world class sporting occasion.

Talking Movies

Tom Brook presents all the latest news and reviews from the U.S. cinema scene with reports from Hollywood and New York.

The Doha Debates

Each month in Qatar invited speakers debate the burning issues of the Arab and Islamic world in front of an audience who are encouraged to participate by asking questions.

Politics Europe

An in-depth look at the politics of Europe presented by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn (only shown in Europe; also shown on BBC Parliament in the UK)
The World Debate - This programme puts the important questions to representatives from global politics, finance, business, the arts, media and other areas. The panels and contributing audiences discuss topical themes.

Third Eye

An examination of the economic fundamentals of twelve countries, looking beyond balance sheets and stock markets. A macro perspective from some of the best economic and business journalists.

UK Reporters

A weekly showcase for reports from the BBC's network of reporters and correspondents across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom
Weekend World – Presented by BBC broadcaster Paddy O'Connell, Weekend World is a lively look at viewers' comments on World News programmes and a brief snapshot of what's coming up at the weekend.

The Health Show

Presented by Dr Ayan Panja and Dr Shini Somara is transmitted four times each weekend and covers the most important developments in global health, including interviews with some of the world's leading health experts.

World Have Your Say Extra

World Have Your Say Extra gives BBC World News viewers another opportunity to join the multimedia phone-in programme, broadcast alongside BBC World Service Radio and BBC Online, and share their views on topical issues of the day with a global audience.


Current affairs programme, featuring interviews and investigative reports on a wide variety of subjects.