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Animal PlanetDream Satellite TV channel Animal Planet.

Animal Planet is an American TV specialty channel that launched on October 1, 1996. It is distributed by Discovery Communications. A high-definition simulcast of the channel launched on September 1, 2007.

Animal Planet online lets you explore cat breeds, dog breeds, wild animals and pets. Plus exclusive animal news, videos and info about your favorite TV shows.

List of programs broadcast by Animal Planet:
Recent additions to the channel, such as Meerkat Manor and Orangutan Island, already reflect this newer focus on "predation programming" and more immersive story telling. Animal Planet hopes this new direction will help revitalize stagnating ratings, after primetime viewing in 2007 dropped 9%.[9] Animal Planet has offered new dramas, fantasy and comedy shows during the 2008-2009 season.[10] Animal Planet is also well known for its annual stunt program, the Puppy Bowl, a yearly special shown during the afternoon leading up to the NFL's Super Bowl, primarily consisting of puppies at play commentated by the late sports broadcaster Harry Kalas.

Animal Planet Talent
Get to know the personalities behind your favorite Animal Planet shows. Learn More!

America's Cutest Pet
We're counting down the most tremendous pet videos from the Web.

American Stuffers
Daniel Ross makes his pet preservation business a family affair on American Stuffers.

Animal Cops: Houston
Follow the work of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Bad Dog!
Bad Dog! documents just how far pets can push their owners and still get unconditional love.

If you're a bear fan, you've come to the right place!

Call of the Wildman
Dive into the backwoods of wild Kentucky with legendary woodsman Ernie Brown Jr. — aka "Turtleman."

Cats 101
Go inside the secret life of cats, learn all about the breeds and how to care for them.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding
An unflinchingly honest look at a human condition that affects people and animals.

Dog Park
Follow the story of five dog park patrons to see how life in the dog park unfolds.

Dogs 101
A lively look at the ancestry of dog breeds that just might tell you which is right for you. Learn More!

Fatal Attractions
Have these pet owners gone too far?

Finding Bigfoot
Follow a mission to find the elusive "creature" known as bigfoot.

Gator Boys
Two extraordinary trappers risk injury and death to capture nuisance gators.

The Haunted
Chronicling terrifying ghost stories of animals and their haunted owners.

Hillbilly Handfishin'
Go through the paces of noodling catfish in Hillbilly Handfishin'.

I Shouldn't Be Alive
Truly wild and shocking survival stories.

I'm Alive
If you were attacked by an animal, could you survive? Watch video!

Watch unbelievable, real-life horror stories of ordinary people plagued by extraordinary infestations.

It's Me or the Dog
Victoria Stilwell helps misbehaving dogs and their owners achieve harmony. Visit the fansite!

Killer Outbreaks
Delve into the drama of our planet's most deadly diseases.

Lost Tapes
Enter a realm where fact meets fiction, science meets legend and where nightmares come to life...

Monsters Inside Me
Sometimes the scariest monsters are the smallest... Parasites!

Must Love Cats
Join John Fulton as he travels to each corner of the United States in search of amazing cats.

My Cat From Hell
Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy brings his unique understanding of spastic cats to desperate families.

My Extreme Animal Phobia
Psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio helps desperate adults face their extreme animal phobias.

North Woods Law
Follow Maine's elite game-warden service during hunting season, the busiest time of the year.

Pit Boss
Little people helping big dogs.

Pit Bulls and Parolees
Follow the drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another. Watch Video!

Puppies vs. Babies
Who is the cutest? Puppies vs. Babies finds out through three rounds of playful competition.

Puppy Bowl
Learn about Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and watch highlights of the game.

Rat Busters NYC
New York's most entertaining exterminators of Magic Exterminating face NYC's pest problems.

Rattlesnake Republic
Follow the adventures of four teams of rattlesnake wranglers in the heart of Texas.

River Monsters
Extreme angler Jeremy Wade tackles man-eaters of the rivers. Watch video!

Saved uplifts spirits and proves that animals have the power to transform human lives

Snake Man of Appalachia
Follow the lives of an extraordinary Appalachian family with deep roots in serpent handling.

Swamp Wars
In "Swamp Wars," the Venom One team protects South Florida's citizens from killer snakes and more.

Tanked dunks viewers into the high-decibel business of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

Too Cute!
Too Cute tells the remarkable coming-of-age stories of three adorable litters of puppies and kittens.

Untamed and Uncut
See the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on tape!

Viking Wilderness
A remote northern wilderness. A land of epic extremes. These are the wilds of Scandinavia.

Weird, True and Freaky
Unearthing some of the strangest, craziest, real-life stories on four legs.

Whale Wars
It's not about whales. It's about 42 crazy die-hards with a mission.