Limited Warranty
Subscription & dish installation agreement & Limited Warranty.

Manual Books

Satellite receiver manual books for K-270, Homecast, Crystal: hard copy scanned versions.

Video Quality
Standard definition video of PAL and NTSC outputs 720x480i.

Trouble Shooting:
List of all possible error messages and instructions to solve different problems.

Signal Coverage
Signal Coverage Map, Satellite feed footprint.

Technical Supports:
Technical instructions on dish set up, receiver and TV connections.

Home Theatre:
Integrate satellite TV into your home theatre system.

Trouble ShootingEach error message on TV screen specifies a paticular problem, here comes instructions to check and fix them.

No picture or sound.
1. Wrong connection of the Audio/Video output of the receiver to TV:Connect the Audio/Video output of the receiver to TV correctly.
2. Wrong connection of the satellite antenna: Connect the antenna cable correctly.
3. Audio muting, Press the MUTE button.
4. TV power off.Turn TV on.

No or Bad Signal

Check other device connected between Antenna and the receiver, check cable connector, check if cable is cut somewhere. Hard reboot box and try again. If the above practices do not help, you have to contact us for a dish antenna check. Antenna position might be wrong, dish LNB might broke, an onsite check is must here.

This Channel Is Not Handled by Your Smartcard
Check if your subscription expired or not. If not yet please contact us for a Unit Activiation

Scrambled Channel
For Crystal receiver only, refre to the above question.

No Video and Audio
Hard reboot box, check AV wire connection until you have something from the receiver on the TV screen, like the menu or the channel list at least.

Smartcard inserted incorrectly
Box power off, open the front smart card cover lid, take card out carefully, clean it with clean dry cloth, insert it back carefully, make sure it's not upside down.

No Video
Sorry, we do not have such an error message from the receiver, you probably are not in the correct AV input.

The remote controller does not operate.
The batteries of the remote controller are not inserted or exhausted. Check whether the batteries are inserted correctly in your remote controller. Check and replace the batteries of the remote controller.