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Some of the mostly used resources, especially for receiver Homecast and K-270.


Smart Card Number



Smart Card Number | Lost Satellite Signal | Channel Search | Factory Default | Error Message | S/W Version


Smart Card Number | Error Code 6 | Channel Search | Factory Reset



Unit Activation  | Trouble Shooting


Official Dream Receivers:

Arion | Kaon | Homecast | Crystal | ViStar | SNA4400 | DAW951 | Nokia


Technical Supports

All technical details about how the satellite TV system works, from dish installation, cabling, to multiple room sharing plans and solutions. We are professional dish installers and we can help to do some extra home theater connection works and installations.


FAQ: Dream Satellite TV's frequently asked questions and answers on subscription, installation, after sales services, channels, billing, payment, reloading plans, reinstallation and related technical questions. If you do not find a specific answer to your question in the list, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Trouble Shooting: Try the list of instructions to solve different problems, often you can fix them all on your own. Check these useful practices to make your satellite TV watching much easier.

User's Guides: Satellite receiver manual books for K-270, Homecast, Crystal: hard copy scanned versions.

Limited Warranty Subscription and dish installation services agreement & Limited Warranty forms.

Home Theatre: Integrate satellite TV into your home theatre system.

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