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Dream Satellite TV Subscripiton Plan

Dream Satellite TV offers 38 TV channels and 10 radio stations in one package. Please go to the TV Channels to learn the updated channel list. Please note that our service is to help you to register to Dream of Philippines. The service is from Dream Satellite TV located in Philippines via KoreaSat5 at 113'E. The service is only provided to people holding overseas passport in China, Please note that Chinese citizens are not permitted to have satellite TV from overseas.

Service Prices

A. ¥3,250
1. Receiver One Unit; 2. Dish Antenna, Installation, Cabling; 3. First Year Subscription; 4. One Year Qualtiy Warranty & Service; 5. Future Renewal: ¥2,500 a year
B. ¥2,750
1. Second Hand Homecast box; 2. First Year Subscription; 3. New Dish Installation; 4. One Year Qualtiy Warranty & Service ( find more about second hand boxes on blog )
C. ¥2,500 ( if you have dish pointing to other satellites ) 
1. Free Dish Retuning to 113E; 2. Second Hand Homecast box; 3. One Year Qualtiy Warranty & Service;
D. ¥2,500 (if your box subscription expired, and you have dish ) 
1. One Year Subscription; 2. One Year Qualtiy Warranty & Service;
1. Dish re-installation in new location; 2. LNB replacement
F. ¥150
1. Dish alignment to 113E ( lost satellite signal ); 2. Home receiver confirguration

Subscripiton Renewals

¥2,500 / year
¥1,300 / 6 months
¥700 / 3 months
¥250 / month

Dream Satellite TV Advantages:

Dream's subscription plan is more attractive than other commercial satellite tv broadcasting packages with signal coverage in China. Dream Satellite TV's advantages are: 
1. Smaller dish antenna: A 0.55m in diameter Ku band dish is sufficient for most of the China weather. 
2. Well selected and combined TV channels: 38 international channels in one subscription package.
3. Over 11 years of stable broadcasting service in the region.
4. Reliable broadcaster and distributor: PMSI & ComWorks of Philippines.
5. Shanghai Service Center to offer timely local supports, professional dish installations.
6. Good signal receiption from KoreaSat5 of 113E. Higher dish elevation.

Other satellite TV options availabe in China:

China Satellite TV Option ChartWe regularly have customer returned second hand receiver boxes in good condition available at much cheaper prices. We also extend our yearly quality warranty to second hand receiver and dish installations.

Future channels:
The following channels are not yet available on Dream's subscription plan. Dream has no public announcement yet about any or all these channels, but may have a formal contract or are negotiating with Dream for one. Selected channels are formerly part of Dream channel line-up. It might be return anytime for possible returning channels.

Kids: Boomerang | Disney Channel Asia | Playhouse Disney Channel Asia
Movie: Max Asia
Music: Channel [V] Philippines
News: Bloomberg Television
Local: SBN | ETC | Zoe TV | UNTV | ACQ-KBN | 3ABN  
Foreign: TV5 Monde Asia | NHK World | Arirang TV

Subscription Requirements:

( Applys to Philippines Subscribers only). In China you need to hold an overseas passport to subscribe to Dream.

1. Submit the following requirements: Completed DREAM Subscriber Application Form.
Any one (1) Valid Picture ID:
- Philippine Driver's License - Philippine Passport - Company ID - Professional Regulations Commission ID - Alien Certificate of Registration (for foreign nationals)
Any two (2) Valid Picture ID:
- New SSS/ GSIS ID - Firearm License - Sport & Country Club Membership Card - International Civic Organization ID - Government Service ID - OTHERS (clearance from PMSI)

Any one (1) Proof of Billing Address
- Public Utility Billing (electric, Cable, Water, Telephone, Mobile Phone, etc.) 
- Local Credit Card Billing (not more than 2 months old) with photocopy of credit card
Any two (2) Proof of Billing Addresses 
- Employer's Certificate - Notarized Contract of Lease and Landlord's Proof of Billing 
- Cooperative Billing Statement

2. Select a mode of Payment For Subscription
a) Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) – – All VISA, and Mastercard Card Holders may enroll their Credit Card in the DREAM ADA. To enroll, simply call our Customer Service Hotline at 918-8000 and request for an ADA form to be faxed to you.
b) Cash deposit to Dream account

3. Submit requirements and pay via any authorized DREAM Satellite TV dealer and schedule your installation.

Philippine Subscribers, please call DreamCare hotlines at (02) 918-8000 (Globe) and (02) 705-3000 (PLDT).

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China subscribers please send emai or call us to learn more about China subscription plan. Tel: (0086)138.1865.7991
Last Updated:2015-04-13