Limited Warranty
Subscription & dish installation agreement & Limited Warranty.

Manual Books

Satellite receiver manual books for K-270, Homecast, Crystal: hard copy scanned versions.

Video Quality
Standard definition video of PAL and NTSC outputs 720x480i.

Trouble Shooting:
List of all possible error messages and instructions to solve different problems.

Signal Coverage
Signal Coverage Map, Satellite feed footprint.

Technical Supports:
Technical instructions on dish set up, receiver and TV connections.

Home Theatre:
Integrate satellite TV into your home theatre system.

Signal CoverageSignal Map, Satellite Footprint

Ku band signal strength as EIRP in dBW 50, dish size is approximately 2'0'', or 61cm in diameter. Our standard Ku band dish is 55m in diameter, which stands for most of the weather in Shanghai, and other parts of China with a KoreaSat5 signal feed. Korea and Japan signal strength are stronger so smaller dishes are possible.

The above signal coverage map is for your reference only. We do have customers in city as Western as Wuhan and nation as Northern as Mongolia who are using 60cm Ku band dish to receive stable KoreaSat5 signal.

1 foot = 30.48 cm / 1 inch = 2.54 cm