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Subscription Renewal

» New Unit activated is with a one year contract already

Dream Satellite TV's new unit can only be activated with a prepaid one year subscription contract. In some seasonal promotions we do have 14 months subscription included packages.

» Yearly Reloading

After the first year, you can choose the renew your subscription for another whole year at a discounted price of ¥2,500. We accept bank account transfer and if it's not possible for you can come to your home to take cash payment. Bank transfer is preferred since if the unit is working fine there are normally nothing to check from the hardware perspective.

» Monthly Reloading

Monthly renewal is also available. We only accept bank transfer payment for monthly reloading. ¥250 for a month, ¥750 for 3 months; ¥1300 for 6 months. 

We do not refund once you paid for a certain time of reloading so you have to decide how long to extend is best to your case before payment.

» Subscription Balance Transfer

If your receiver hardware is broken and out of quality warranty period, we can choose to transfer the balance of your subscription to another new unit. The new unit will be available from us at discounted price. Optionally we can transfer the balance to one of your friend's Dream unit account number.

» Refund?

Sorry we cannot refund you if you decide to stop the subscription before the expiry date