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Software Upgrade: SW 1.06 - SW 1.09 (2011-07-26) (latest upgrading)

User's Manual Book

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Download homecast-user-guide.rar (29.0Mb)

Smart Card Number

Where to find the Smart Card Number? Check Instruction
Menu - Status - Nagravision - System Information: Smartcard S/N: 09 2064 XXXX XX. 

Useful Documents:

Homecast Remote Control Copy - Function Display jpeg,319kb
Homecast receiver-Useful Common Practices pdf,30.6kb
Homecast S/W Upgrading (SW1.06, 20100513) pdf,44.8kb
Migration to KoreaSat5 ( June-August, 2010 ) ppt,901kb
Operational Manual pdf,7.62kb

Most Common Error Messages:

1. "This Channel is Not Handled by Your Smartcard"
First make sure that your subscription is still valid. Then reboot the unit and do a channel search. Procedure: "Menu" - "Installation" - password:1234 - "Auto Search", save the channels, press "EXIT", go back to channel list. If the error message is still there, please contact us immediately for unit reactivation.

2. "Lost Satellite Signal"
Check dish signal cable and connector, then hard reboot the unit. If the message is still there, it means your dish or signal cable has a problem, contact us to schedule a dish technician onsite check over. Possible reasons: A - dish position moved; B - dish LNB broken; C - cable damaged somewhere; D - connector loose.

3. I only see a Dream logo of white back ground on TV screen
"EXIT", do a "Auto Search", you are supposed to find 38 TV channels and 10 radio, save the findings and EXIT, it will be all right. If free channels 1 & 11 working, others not, let us know the smartcard number, we will do a unit reactivation for your box.

Channel Search Procedure

01. MENU 
02. Installation 
03. Press OK (access code: "1234") 
04. Automatic Search 
05. Press OK 
06. Will Scan Channels 
07. Press Exit 
08. Will prompt "If You Want To Save Updated Channels..." select YES 
09. End of procedure.

Factory Default Recet

Photo Galler:


Brilliant On Screen Graphic
MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant
MPEG-2 Video (MP@ML), MPEG-1 Audio Layer1, Layer2
PLL RF-Modulator UHF 21~69 with PAL I/G/B/D/K
Digital Tuner with Loop-through
LNB Controlling Logic (off/22KHz Tone, 13/18V 14/19V)
SCPS/MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band Satellites)
Digital Tuner with Loop-through
Wide Symbol Rate 2~45Msps & Frequency Input 950~2150MHz
DiSEqC1.2 Supported
User friendly OSD Menu with Full Function
256 Color Graphic User Interface
Multi-Language menu
4-digit 7-segment LED Display
Variable Aspect Ratio (4:3, 16:9) with Pan Vector or Letter Box
EPG(Electronic Program Guide) for On-screen Channel Information
Small Screen Picture on EPG
Teletext and Subtitle Supported (VBI & OSD)
Installation by Easy Setup Guide
Capacity for Storing Multi Channel (2000 Channels, 500 Transponders)
Favorite Channel and Parental Lock Function
RS232C Port for Additional Information Service and Upgrading System Software
Irdeto CAS embedded

Upgrade History: July, 2009. NagraVision 3 Upgrade, free Homecast box and/or card replacement notice:Box Replacement: If your Homecast box STB number starts as 10 57xx xxxx xx, please contact us immidiately for box replacement, to be fully ready for the coming Nagra3 upgrading. June 16th, 2009 the first testing upgrading was effective. 
Card Replacement: 
To customers who bought a Homecast box before July 2008, please check your box STB and SC card number. If the IRD starts as 16 33xx xxxx xx, and card number starts as 09 203x xxxx xx or 09 204x xxxx xx, please send as your current card for free Nagra3 card replacement. After you insert the new card, you will see this message: "The smartcard has not been paired with the decoder" . Smartcard: 09 206x xxxx xx ; AC S/N:16 33xx xxxx xx. Keep the box on and contact us back for unit activiation. Dream's NagraVision3 card numbers start as 09 205x xxxx xx, & 09 206x xxxx xx. The new units are available since July 2008. If you bought the unit after July 2008, please do not worry about the upgrading.