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Crystal HSS-1121NA

ASoftware Upgrade: SW 1.06 - SW 1.09 (2011-07-26)

User's Manual Book

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Smartcard number:

Menu, System Setup, Smartcard: 09 2056 8579 xx

Scan satellite:

to refresh the channel list: Remote controller: Menu - Installation - Scan - Satellite Scan KoreaSat5, OK button to confirm it, after the scan is 100% done, save it and go "EXIT" back to normal watching interface. 

Useful Documents:

Crystal OTA SW Upgrade & Migration to KoreaSat5 (SW1.15) pdf,244kb
Crystal Receiver Unit Menu Structure pdf,7.63kb
Hyundai Crystal Box Software Update (SW1.13) pdf,18.7kb

Most Common Error Messages:

1. "Scrambled Channel, or This Channel is Not Handled by Your Smartcard": First make sure that your subscription is still valid. Then reboot the unit and do a channel search. Procedure: "Menu" - "Installation" - password:1234 - "Auto Search", save the channels, press "EXIT", go back to channel list. If the error message is still there, please contact us immediately for unit reactivation.

2. "Lost Satellite Signal"
Check dish signal cable and connector, then hard reboot the unit. If the message is still there, it means your dish or signal cable has a problem, contact us to schedule a dish technician onsite check over. Possible reasons: A - dish position moved; B - dish LNB broken; C - cable damaged somewhere; D - connector loose.

Channel Search Procedure

Resetting: Scan - Menu, "Antenna Setup", please set your LNB Type as 11300/11300. 
1. After finishing 'Antenna Setup', execute 'SatelliteScan' or 'All Network Scan'. Then you can get all channels in the pre-programmed TPs. This function can also be used to get the latest channel data when receiver is in use. Through this function, the receiver searches for all the available channels and saves them in the memory. 
2. Press MENU key and position the cursor on Installation column with up and down then press 'OK'. 
3. By using up or down, select Scan and press 'OK'. 
4. Select 'All Network Scan Start' or 'Satellite Scan' with up and down 
If you want scan all satellite then select 'All Network Scan Start' and press 'OK'. And if you want to scan only one satellite then select 'Satellite Scan' and choose satellite that you want with up and down and press 'OK'. 

Crystal box is In Use but Not Available from Dream Now! 
Crystal boxes were NOT offered by Dream since year 2008. Some Crystal boxes were bought from PhilSatCorp or BenSports, which bankrupted in year 2009, these boxes can also be reloaded to Dream's subscription.

Photo Gallery:

Usage History: 

Year 2010: Crystal Upgrade:
July, 2009 . : Crystal receiver Smart Card Replacement: 
Card Replacement: If your card is NOT started as 09 205x xxxx xx or 09 206x xxxx xx, please return your current access card for free new Nagra3 card replacement. Make sure your subscription is still valid before you apply for the new card. 
Special Notice - Reactivation & Renewal (2009): Please note that if you bought a Crystal box from companies called BenSports or PhilSatCorp, it's not the same Crystal Dream package offered by us. The so-called BenSports package stopped May 1st, 2009. As we have announced on March, 2008, BenSports has nothing to do with Dream Satellite TV. The so called BenSports hired same satellite as of Dream and steal Dream signal. The story was in year 2008 and 2009, the company was gone since then, many people suffered subscription money lost from them. Check Anti Piracy section to know more about satellite TV piracy on China satellite TV market.