Made in Korea: Homecast
Type: eMU-152
Year: 2006-2010

Made in Taiwan;
Year: 2005-2007

Made in Taiwan;
Year: 2005-2006

Made in Korea;
Year: 2004-2005

Made in Korea;
Year: 2002-2004

Made by Nokia in China;
Year: 2002-2004












KAON K-270

Dream's current official IRD brand since year 2011: KAON K-270, KAONMEDIA, South Korea, Standard Definition, Embedded CONAX CAS. More photos.

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Smart Card Number | Error Code 6 | Channel Search | Factory Reset


No Access, Not Activated, error code 6 (photo instruction)
If you see such a message on your TV screen, please let us know both the message and your smart card number. You find the smart card number here:

Smart Card Number
CA System
CAS Slot 1: Conax CA
About Conax CA
Card Number: 020 5922 58x-x

CONAX Access Card - Smart Card : Front / Back

Write the number down on manual book or save it in your cell phone for future quick reference. Text the message to us and keep your receiver box ON, check if all channels working or not in 15 minutes and let us know the result. Do please let us know after we do the unit reactivation, so we do not waste time waiting.

User's Manual Book:
P01 P02 P03 P04 P05 P06 P07 P08 P09

Channel Search Procedure (K-270; Homecast; Crystal ) pdf, 55kb
K-270 Box Basic Practices (Photo Illustration Veriosn - 20110926 ) pdf,742kb

Channel Search: (photo instruction)
Menu, Channel Search, Pin Code: “0000”. You will see the Scan screen, cursor on “KoreaSat5 113.0E”, press “OK” button, it will be tick marked. Press the Red button on your remote. red means all network scan here.

Change Network to be On, press “OK”, the the scan starts. You will find New Channel (0), Radio (0), press “OK”, the cursor stays on TV Maria, which is channel No. 1. now.

Press “OK”, again, you see “Do you want to save?”, prss “OK” again to save it. Then press “EXIT”. The Channel will be on No.1 TV Maria.

* Size : 250(W) x 45(H) x 160(D)
* Weight(net) : 1.5kg

K270 Features:

OSD Teletext and DVB Subtitling Supportable
USALS and DiSEqC 1.2 Available
Intelligent Banner Included Channel Selection & Information View
Automatic Demonstration and Usage Guide
Fully MPEG2 / DVB-S Compliant
Fast Auto-programming and User-friendly Installation
Stripping EPG with Now, Next and Full (7 Days)
Channel Control by Favorites, Delete, Lock, Move and Skip
Channel Sorting by CAS, Lock, Name and Network, Alphabetical
High Speed Searching and Switching Channel Time
Teletext and Subtitle Supported by OSD
Enhenced Favorite Channel Group Selection / Parental Lock
Auto NTSC / PAL Switching
Variable Aspect Ratio with 4:3, Letter-Box, Full Screen and 16:9

CONAX Embedded
Conax is a global technology company that provides conditional access solutions for digital television. Based in Oslo, Norway, Conax has subsidiaries in the USA, India and Germany and sales & support offices in Russia, Singapore, China, South Korea, Brazil, and Canada.

Kaon Media established in May 2001, is one of the best R&D and manufacturing companies in Korea, focusing on developing digital and its related products by making the most of all its resources.