Unit Re-Activation

Last week we had a subscriber sending us text messages like these:

” problem with dream says this channel is not handled by smartcard all channels please re program”

“dream all channels not working reporgraming, says not handled by you smart card”

Smart card number please.

How we get number?

Check: http://www.dreamsatellite.com/support/index.htm

  1. Model id: zero eight five zero b one five one, need factory reset password

http://www.dreamsatellite.com/support/index.htm Find the number according to instruction on this link, the number you gave is not the correct one.

Give me the smart card number, then keep box on, check in 20 minutes and let me know.

I reset factory install nagra vision, nothing works, request appt tomorrow, fix problem eleven am morning, thank you see you than.

What is the error message now? And you did not give me the smart card number yet.

see you eleven am tomorrow, at dinner with friends, fix problem

I have no time tomorrow. This is an unit reactivation practice, just give me the smart card number, there’s nothing else you need to do.

Everything is clearly explained on website, Homecast box how to find the smart card number, what is unit activation, what we have to do in this case. We do NOT need to do any practice on site.

see you then

I told you I’m NOT coming, please give me the smart card number, it’s just a remote activation, let’s do not waste time here

sorry, no service no appt, request cash full refund on dream, no discussion, cash tomorrow, with people out, thanks.

bring cash

Constantly we have customers like this one, not cooperative at all when technical problems happen.

When we see a “This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smart Card”, as long as the subscription is still valid, what we need to do, is a remote activation, the only thing we need to confirm from you is the smart card number.

1. Please do NOT complain that it has not been working for hours, or days or months. There’s no way that we know it before you report it.
2. Please give us what we need, the smart card number
3. Please get back to us after the request timely, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes after the signal request
4. Please do Not responds late and complain it’s not working and you keep waiting
5. Please do Not ask for us to come, to go visit, to go to fix it, it’s not a helpful practice at all.
6. Please check the links, you might need to do a Channels Search, or Factory Reset, these are basic practice you have to learn.
7. Please do NOT ask for refund
8. Please be patient.




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