Unit Activation Request

Constantly we have requests of unit activation from people who did not actually buy subscription or units from us. We have to trying to help them out no matter what.

Today there’s another typical complain goes like this:

My dream satellite is down since Thursday 11 October. A technician came on Friday, checked our account and we still have many months of subscription. We have 2 boxes. As usual, he just put back the factory settings, deleting in the same time all our personal settings. The usual trick did not work this time and 5 days later, we are still without TV despite 2 calls per day to the technician. He keeps saying that the problem comes from Phillipines\’ office which does not reinitialize our card. We are astonished by the poor quality of service which does not match the promotion done on your website. I would like to have someone calling me to check first the genuineness of our system. If our system is genuine, we have to seriously discuss the extension of our contract as we have lost 5 days of TV at this time. Thank you for your understanding and swift answer.

I’m not sure which “technician” he called, it is must not be one of ours. Our practices over the years have been leaving a name card with all contact information, most importantly cell phone number of a 24/7 English service personal who can do immediate action for thing like unit activation to help customers out of the situation.

We are quick on remote activation, even much faster than those people in Philippines ’cause we have direct system link online connected to satellite system to handle it.

You do not have to call, not to say overseas, but simply text us the error message, and the smart card number, we will reply immediately with essential actions to be done from customers end.

Where to find smart card number?
Homecast / KAON / Error Code 6 of KAON K-270 Box

It could be complicated if you go through the wrong person. Dream’s sole distributor in Philippines is ComWorks, who sells boxes and handles subscription.

There are hundreds of local deals across Philippines, each they eventually go through ComWorks.

The subscription can be paid monthly, by debit card or credit card, bank transfer or cell phone texting. If the Chinese guy goes through a Philippine local dealer, whenever they have a finance or booking dispute, there are China subscribers suffering since the Philippine dealer will request suspension of all smart cards coming from the trouble guy.

The smart card number is registered under a local Philippino ID. The original information is held by the dealer, they have the right to do suspension request, not the Chinese guy, no matter which level he is.

The fundamental way to judge is that if the Chinese guy does not speak English, it’s for sure he is not a direct contact to ComWorks, then there’s a higher chance to get involved into trouble.

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