TV Channel Selection

Today I have a customer who is interested in some specific channels. He asked for my best offer for the following channels. It must be guaranteed to be interruption-free (cannot be blocked), he said. P.S. not need any other charged channels (unless they are free / included):

– BBC Knowledge
– BBC World News
– Reuters
– Channel News Asia
– Bloomberg TV
– Al-Jazeera
– 香港NOW 财经新闻台

Also, he needs to know if we can cover the installation (drilling wall for cable to run through into interior room).

To get all the above channels, I think he needs to install at least 4 different size dishes, a space for these dishes, and a budget over 20K. Those channels ARE available in China, transferred by different commercial or FTA satellite broadcasting systems.

BBC Knowledge; It is availabe via satellite only in UK, on Sky Digital Channel 553, or DTV Terrestrial, a digital aerial gets in on channel 13. If you are in UK, get it is easy. It’s not available outside of the country.

BBC World News: Yes, Dream got it!

Reuters: There’s a “Reuters TV”, video streaming online from Reuters website. There’s no satellites carrying this “channel” so far.

Channel News Asia: Singapore, it’s available on different satellites:
1. AsiaSat3S , FTA, 3706 MHz. In Shanghai it requires a 1.5m C band dish.

2. AsiaSat4, package DishHD Asia, channel 6111

3. Telstar 18, 138E, Combos TV, a HK packae.

Subscribe to Option 2 and 3 are not cheap.

Bloomberg TV:
It is availabe on DishHD at 122.2E.Channel 6520 and

Al-Jazeera: AsiaSat3S , FTA, set up a big dish and get it for free.
3760 H,English

It is available on HKC satellite feed.

IPTV operator of HK, offer many channels in packages via IP digital box. There was a NOW TV before via satellite feed but NOW represent a major IPTV operator in HK these days. There’s no way to get it in mainland China, it’s not available in satellite feeds.

I’m not receiving such kind of emails for quite a while. It’s obviously that this guy needs to do more research. I’m sure he’s never used any kind of satellite TV services before.

If I’m in the position, not me, anybody, who’s in the position to make a TV channel selection decision for a region, the guy must be an important people in the business who is not supposed to write here for now, it’s his summer vacation time.

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