Topfield Receiver Box

“No Access (6), This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smartcard”

This is a normal message for two possibilities: 1. the subscription has expired, it’s time to renew the subscription, RMB2,500 for a year and RMB250 for a month; 2. If the subscription is still valid, we need to do a Unit Activationdream-topfield-receiver-box (1)

If you see this message: ” Card Problem, check card”, it could be your card is loose, or the card is inserted upside down.dream-topfield-receiver-box (2)This is the correct way that the card should be inserted.dream-topfield-receiver-box (3)If the card was inserted upside down like the following, you will see the error message of “card problem, check card”. In this case, please firstly unplug the box power, then remove the card, insert it back after one minute, then wait for 30 seconds, plug the power cord again, waiting the box for reboot. After these practice you should see the normal error message “No Access (6), This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smartcard” again.dream-topfield-receiver-box (6)Remeber, if you see the Dream logo side up, it is WRONG, like above. It should be this side up. The IC is facing down.dream-topfield-receiver-box (5)More about unit activation: please be patient for unit activation, do not keep asking for refund, please renew your subscription before the expiration date, not afterwards, to avoid the unit activation problem. It could take multiple tries, we can do it in working hour 30 minutes, some times it took over 10 tries. Read Unit Activation PLEASE.

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