This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smartcard

Why I see a “This Channel Is Not Handled By Your Smartcard” message on the TV screen?

this channel is not handled by your smart card

If you see such a message, please check if your channel 1 and 11 working normal. They are TV Maria and Living Asia. These two are free to air, should be always working so we can be sure that both your receiver box and dish antenna are in good signal reception condition.

Do the following:

1. check signal quality:
Menu, Installation, Dish Setup, the pass word is 1234 for Homecast box. After that you will see two bars at the bottom of the screen. The second one is for signal quality. It should be stabilizes, over 55%, ideally around 60%. If so it means both your dish position, and the LNB is in good working condition.

2. Hard reboot box: there’s a power button at the back of box, turn it off, and turn it back on again in 5 minutes, give the box around 1 minute until it’s fully rebooted. Hopefully you won’t see the same error message anymore. In many cases it won’t work but it worths a try before we do the next step.

Now let’s find check if the smart card subscription expired or not. If it has expired already, it’s time to pay again, monthly or yearly. If it should be still valid, please contact us for a unit activation.

What’s the reason behind this error message? We are not quite sure. This is a general system failure notice, which is more likely caused by unstable system link between STB and satellite. If your satellite dish signal is not properly installed, though you have signal input, but it is more likely to happen to your box. I’m not saying must but you have a higher chance than those who got their dishes properly installed with good and stable signal input.

If you pile up too many thing on or around the box, blocking the ventilation, the box is going to stay hot longer than other normal boxes, then you have a higher chance to suffer break down or lost connection to satellite. Please give box a good ventilation acquirement. You are not likely to suffer it again and again, by average, I think 10 out of 100 will suffer the strange problem once a year or so, some got two or three times each year.

We have been trying to be more helpful by doing instant unit activation over the years but there are customers more criticized than others. I understand the frustration but do please keep patient once you got such a failure, please contact us by messaging immediately, do not wait, this is not a temporary problem for all, or for you, this is a failure that something has to be done remotely to fix. Waiting is a a waste of time.

Contact us, give us the message, the smart card number, maybe answer a few questions so we can be sure of what to do next. Once we confirm it’s a unit activation, you will be told what to do next, do please follow the instruction and give us feedback timely. Ignorance of reply  might cause you more time for trouble fixing.

Ideal time to handle this cases is 9am to 17pm in working days Monday to Friday. We can be reached on weekends but in some cases it costed longer time to fix it. All cases had been fixed, it can always be fixed, no case was left beside alone before. It might cost multiple tries, but eventually it is all working back ok.

Do you need us to come fix it on site? No. Totally no help if we send a people to your home. The practice is handled remotely between Dream uplink facility and satellite, and satellite to your STB. There’s nothing we can do, nothing we have to do, nothing we should be at the customer box end.

Factory default resent or channel search might be necessary or helpful, but with a few instruction you can do it yourself. Beside that, just wait around 20 minutes or more each time when we do unit activation, until it’s fully functional.

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