Testimonials from customers

Yesterday a long time customer forwarded a message to one of her friend recommending my service:

“the package that I’ve had to date has been very reliable and Eric is easy to deal with as he is always responsive and speaks English. The satellite has been so stable that I haven’t had to call on Eric for any reason.”

I found it a little strange that when I myself search the service of our website, there’s no comments at all, which is on the other side might be a good thing, at least there’s no bad comments.

Recently I realized the reason is that I’ve been so responsible that from the very beginning of installation, i had been thinking of the end: dish was installed professionally, all possible easy to fail parts were either replaced or taken care of; responses were always fast and effective with enough information, action or instruction to help fixing the problem; customers were all properly informed of possible problems with actions and practices to either prevent them from happening or to fix them when it happens.

Most customers were so kind that when they left China or Shanghai, they let me know before that so we can schedule a time that we come over taking back the box, the dish and some other useful parts. This is exactly why this year we had so many second hand boxes which we could offer them to other people at a very reasonable disccounted price. One interesting but sad developments is that year 2012 we had much more people leaving China than other years.

Dream system if far from perfect but I had been trying to be honest and responsible for what I do as a dish installer and helper in Shanghai for people who travell so far to work and live here, long term or for a short of time.

Unfortunately this time the customer is recommending me, not Dream system, she was suggesting her friend to consider the DishHD of 122E.

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