Suggestion From An Expat Living in Philippine

“I am located in the Philippines and have bought a receiver and smart card of dream.

But having transfered my own Samsung 8000 LED television I see that I cant connect the box to my television since it can onlly siupport HDMI connections and direct sat cable line in. No scart anymore.

As always the sat receiver only support the antique line outs. Here in the phils its only a RGB outlet (the red/white/yellow cable). No line in for that on my Television.

Having been back in the Netherlands I consulted my provider here where I bought the television and they said no solution. You need to have a HD receiver…..which obviously will have HDMI. That has nothing to do whether the channels broadcast HD television…just connection. Its unbelievable that when using the high quality signals of the satelite the receivers themselves havent been developed and are still in the medieval ages.

So…are there dream compatible receivers with HD outlets for HDMI? and how I get them? Its very frustrating to have paid for the receiver and installation and not to be able to use it.

I wait for your answer impatiently”

What can we do? I’m tired of Dream headquarter people as well, no initiatives at all. Come on, the world is changing! It’s has been 10 years, do something updated please…

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