Subscription Renewal Reminder

The last week of each month I always spend some time sending emails reminding customers whose subscription will expire on the coming month.

Regularly I have responds soon with new some developments. People left to other places, back to home, moved apartment, doing a new job or some thing similar.

This morning I received a respond, a son on behalf of his father who left China last year leaving the apartment to a friend, which is a shocking news to me. I learned from his son that he passed away 3 months ago because of brain cancer, there was not much the doctors could do about it.

I served this Norway man, who speaks broken English as I remember, since year 2006 until late 2011 for 5 years. Each year I personally went to his apartment checking things around collecting renewal fee. He was not good at wiring things up so constantly I received text messages from him asking me which AV input it should be on. He was in his sixties I reckon, working as ship building engineer or mechanic jobs.

I feel sorry hearing the news. Before he left Shanghai I met him. We talked a little. He was a nice old man,  somewhat a bit cute to me, short, strongly built, like those Viking warriors in legend movies. I still feel the power of his firmly shaken thick hand.

It truly reminds me that life is short, we all should value our current precious time, love our family… too many good things to do while it’s not worth it at all to worry too much about our so called problems, which are merely self-created constrains that simply passing away when time flies by.

My best to Peter and his family far away!

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