Signal Killer

Storm is coming to Shanghai. What worried me most are not violent wind, it is water & humility, the most powerful “signal” killer.

Today my own system got a problem. Constrained by installation condistion, there had to be a cable connector between the two parts of cable, which caused me twice troubles already in raining days, especially in continuing raining days.

This time it happened again in the morning. I go down there checked it out:

1. On the screen: Menu, Installation, Dish Setup, pass word for Homecast box is 1234. I notice the first bar for Signal Strength is jumping from 1-50%, while the Signal Quality the second bar is 0%.

It meas the signal is not through, either the LNB broken or the cable is not through. If it is dish position problem, the first bar is still around 80%, while the second bar is 0%.

2. Then I do check the dish position: i marked it for both azimuth and elevation angels, the positions is still fixed there, against strong wind from different directions.

3. I didn’t go there with a satellite meter, to make sure the LNB is fine, I simply put on a new back up one left beside it.

4. Then the painful part, the connector. I used good quality F head and joint connector but when I loose them, I found water, mud and metal rusts. It stayed there only for 5 months, the raining weather of July and today’s storm finally destroyed it again.

Ideally, the connector should be wrapped with water resistant rubber cover. It didn’t work exactly fine as it is designed for. Water is like air which goes everywhere. The best practice, according to my years of experiences, is that if you really need to add a connector, put it in a place with:

1. Good ventilation.
2. hanging in the ari, do not stick it to the wall, or on the floor where water is possibly flowing through.
3. Under sun shine, so even water comes in one day, the next day sun shine will heat it up, water is going to be vaporized, then the connection part stays cool and dry, no rusting process is happening inside.

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