Satellite TV Dish Signal Issues After The Shanghai Storm

We had a busy week since the storm passed across Shanghai city.

Some interesting experiences learned and some expected problems happened finally.

Today a customer with a antenna installed on building top got “lost satellite signal” error message. When we checked the top, what a mess!. There are a dozen of dishes installed by different installers in line with the property manager’s installation zone. Most of the dishes are still in good conditions though I spotted a few cabling risks. The point is that in this particular case, the damage was caused by a “floating” C-band dish which was taken down and put aside. In storm, the 1.5m big dish is literally rolling over on everything on the building top, how scary it must be if you see it on site. Fortunately the big thing is not flying out of the edge, then falling down to the ground, some serious damage is for sure.

In our case, the LNB holder was completely broken apart, leaving the poor piece hanging over the support arm.

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