Satellite Signal Blocked

Yesterday in Beijing there’s a typical case that signal is blocked when we test the satellite signal reception.

“.. could not find a signal from my apartment. Therefore the dish was not installed. It seems there are no dishes installed on my side of the building, with previous tenants having installed on the roof. However the management are no longer willing to unlock that door for satellite dish installation”

“If you look at the attachment, I have marked the location of my current apartment. … Interestingly, all the dishes on the opposite block (with East facing windows) have dishes facing SE, but the installer tells me that’s the direction he’s looking for. According to the attachment, a SSW direction should have been correct.”

These SE Southeast facing dishes are to 134E or 138E. They are receiving different satellites, not KoreaSat5 of Dream.

“It could really be that a signal cannot be found (since there is a building just south of me, despite there being a gap) so I should trust the professional judgement of the installer. I’m also wondering if there would be more luck from my bedroom window (slightly north of my living room window) which may have a sufficient angle to avoid the adjacent building.”

If it were me there, I will try it anyway, at least to make the customer feel that we had tried possibilities. In Beijing we use some people who are in the business but basically have the skills of doing dish installations, they are not employees of us. They are paid on jobs done respectively.

“I’m therefore wondering whether I should get a second opinion. If not, do you have an IPTV solution that would work? As you know, Internet in China can be quite bad sometimes, so my only worry is that this will not be a good viewing experience.”

In terms of IPTV, check this article.


use DishPointer to judge if it’s ok to receive a satellite signal from your location. This is a beijing signal blocked case.

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