Be Careful Choosing Dealers

Strange things keep happen recently. I received this email. The Shanghai family ask his driver and landlord to arrange the satellite TV installations. By the very end they are not aware of whom they are dealing with. In the process problems always happen, most of the cases as I can see are subscription and unit activation problems.

Landlord wants to pay less, half a year, driver is talking to dish guy and transferring the money. The final price is almost 50% higher than our regular rate. The family have to call the driver to deal with dish guy now and then, since I can tell the dish guy took the money and renew the subscription monthly.

This is a very common trick in China satellite TV business. Dish guy hopes one day you won’t call again, so they will keep the balance unpaid money as total profit.  What can we say in this case? It’s the reality of the market. So please take some time, talk directly, or email directly to us. We have much easier and cheaper solutions.

“Thank you for taking the time to explain to me how it works. This looks complicated. I cannot get any further information today as my driver is sick. I will investigate more tomorrow. As for now, nothing has happened.

What I can say is that our landlord’s representative said to my driver he has paid his share of the contract 5 months ago, and I have no reason to not trust him as he has been very honest and helpful until now, as far as I can see. 

I will certainly let you know if you can help me further. Thanks,” 

Name: xxx
Message: My dream satellite is down since Thursday 11 October. A technician came on Friday, checked our account and we still have many months of subscription. We have 2 boxes. As usual, he just put back the factory settings, deleting in the same time all our personal settings. The usual trick did not work this time and 5 days later, we are still without TV despite 2 calls per day to the technician. He keeps saying that the problem comes from Phillipines\’ office which does not reinitialize our card. We are astonished by the poor quality of service which does not match the promotion done on your website. I would like to have someone calling me to check first the genuineness of our system. If our system is genuine, we have to seriously discuss the extension of our contract as we have lost 5 days of TV at this time. Thank you for your understanding and swift answer. xxx

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