Renewal Notices

Please write down your smart card number and let us know if you would like to renew the subscription two weeks before the expiration date. Remember that we’d better not to do it until it actually stopped.

This morning one lady has been chasing me all the time for her unit activation. I’ve let her know that it is going to stop by July 6th. She waited until today for the renewal and tonight it is the wimbledon tennis 2012. We had problem connecting to Philippines and it seems like there’s a system failure on going.

If we had reloaded earlier, we do have to spend the whole morning doing this thing.

So, PLEASE, if you’d like to extend it, do it before the expiration date!

“please do not cut me off!”: When we hear from people saying so, i feel sorry for that. Nobody is cutting you off. You suppose to remember your smart card number, you renewal date, and your current expiration date. The system is automatic, it’s just like that you loaded RMB100 to your cell phone account, and when you spend the money out, it’s off, please note: nobody has time to care your money matter, when it’s off, it’s automatic, it’s not done by people! When it’s due, it’s due.

Doing this before the date saves us a lot of rush works, especially in Saturday and Sunday when there’s lack of man power in Dream offices. The best time is always 9am – 6pm working time Monday to Friday, except the nationally holidays in Philippines.

PLEASE, do not complain that somebody cut you off.

Yes indeed that the system is not perfect. There are cases called “unit reactivation” when you see a message like “This channel is not handled by your smart card” or “The smart card has expired” before the expiration date. Please do not feel angry or panic when you see this before the date you paid to. Simply send us email or text to us with your smart card number, the error message, and better with your name and the expiration date. Once we receive it we will do activation right away, normally in 15 minutes or 20 minutes and we will ask you to let us know if it is working or not. Please do remember to let us know if it’s working or not, especially when it’s not working. If we do not get responds from you again, we always assume that it is working, so if you didn’t let us know later on, PLEASE do not complain to us that your box is not working for a LONG time, some even say it’s been a week or a month. How could we know it’s not working???? The satellite TV is not a two way link, it’s one way feed from satellite to box, there’s no way we can detect which one is working fine while which ones are in trouble! The system is not that SMART!! please understand this!!

Plese do not give us hazy fuzzy messages like:
“i lost satellite”
“all channels are gone”
“it’s disconnected”
“no channels’ working”
“i see nothing! there’s nothing!” – probably you are in wrong AV input.
“I lost signal”

When it’s not working there’s always an error message on screen. We only have 5 types of messages: (Homecast box for example)

“This channel is not handled by your smart card”
We need to renew the subscription or to do a unit activation. Depending on your subscription date.

“The smart card has expired”
Needs reloading.

“The smart card is inserted incorrectly”
Open the front lid of box, take out card, clean it with dry cloth, insert it back carefully.  Make sure it’s not upside down. Before that please turn off power,  I mean turn the power button off, or unplug the power cord. Once your reinsert the card, reboot the box, normally it will be ok.

“No Video”
In most of cases it appears on some of the channels, not all, for example to channels on one transponder.
Transponder 1: channel 1-12
Transponder 2: channel 13-23
Transponder 3: channel 24-38

We need to do a special activation, please let us know which channels are exactly not working and your smart card number.

“Lost Satellite Signal”
Something wrong with the dish antenna, the dish LNB, or the splitter, or the cable, or the connector, anyway, it’s a hardware failure. Before we confirm it, better to do a box hard reboot to see if it fixes it. When box is turning on for too long a time a like a few month or when the box is too hot, we have such message too.

Anyway, please be patient, there’s always a way to fix it, as long as we know what’s wrong. The worst case scenario, when the box is broken, we have free exchange in one year! So please take it easy, this system is not perfect, we have to tolerate many imperfect of it and enjoy the program it brings to us!

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