Recent Satellite Signal Problems

The last week I have noticed some strange phenomenas of Dream’s satellite signal. I received a couple of bad signal reports, all from Gubei and Hongqiao areas, Shanghai.

One from email for example:
“We are experiencing many problems with the satellite tv recently. It is not only that the quality of the image is worse lately, it is also that we lose the signal once in a while. I would like to know if this is a general problem or if there is a malfunction in my equipment. Can you come to check it out?”

I believe there’s no general signal issue so far from Dream. I asked him to check dish signal quality? Methods: Homecast, KAON.

I got a picture like this:

Even the customer can tell that “I’ve checked my Homecast box and here attached is a picture of what I saw in the menu page. I dont see anything wrong. What about you?”

Yes, indeed, there’s nothing wrong from the signal indicator, so far so good, 57% is regular. It’s not the best but in many installation cases, we can not expect a perfect signal reception.

What can we do?
Strange enough, we have to wait and see what happens next…

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