Pirated Dream Box

Today a customer asked his Chinese assistant to call us for a viewing failure. I asked for both error message and smart card number, she does not have it. Then we checked the address but it was not found in our subscriber record.

I asked for a error message screen shot, it is like this:

I can tell immediately that this is not an official Dream subscription box becasue:

1. we do not have Chinese menu interface
2. we do not have this error message

I saw a lot of these boxes over years. They are supposed to be connected to internet router to sharing the legal subscriber’s account information. The installation was organised by the landlord, there are two boxes in the unit. This is a very standard service call from copy box users.

I’m sorry we could not help you out on this. To switch to legitimate subscription, we offer new receiver box and one year subscription to Dream included at a discounted price of RMB2,500 including delivery and installation.

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