Olympic on Dream?

“Which channel will show the Olympic Games starting end of this month?”, people begin to ask the question.

Last Olympic season back to year 2008, Dream allocated on special Pay Per View channel to broadcast the Beijing Olympic, commendatory were all in English.

Beijing 2008 Olympics – Watch it Real Time Live at Dream Satellite TV!

“Dream Satellite TV with Solar All Access proudly presents the 2008Beijing Olympics. This highly anticipated event will be made available through pay-per-view (PPV) via Dream Satellite TV from August 8 – 24, 2008. Live! in real-time! via satellite from Beijing, China. Dream will deliver two unique sporting events of PPV channels to premium Dream subscribers on Channel 10 and Channel 12. The opening and closing ceremonies will be shown simultaneously on these two channels while different sports activities will be shown during the competition.

Dream Satellite TV and Solar All Access programming are unique with
other Solar Content Channels’ programming which will only showcase
limited Olympics events. Dream Satellite TV PPV is commercial free and
has the most extensive live coverage, highlights, and exclusive
sporting events.”


This year, 2012 London Olympic?I’m not sure about the schedule of the two sports channels of ESPN and Star Sports. China CCTV5 will broadcast most of the major events but you can not expect English commendatory in English.

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