Multiple Room TV Distribution

Often we have inquires about multiple room solutions, to watch the satellite TV in different rooms. I have try to make our recommended options here:

Personally I recommend Option One Plan A. The shortcut of this plan is that there has to be a new AV wire running from receiver to second room TV. If you are thinking of the option through the existing cable network as you don’t want any cables running through the entire house, there’s a type of AV Transmission device called AV Link. I will explain it a bit here but the reason why I didn’t recommend it is because over many cases I found that it is not working well. It requires some special care from the users. I constantly receive phone calls because of that thing not working well. I felt tired of answering such minor things so I simply do not recommend people to use this device.

Basically the idea is to use the exsiting cable network to transfer the AV to another TV, so there’s no new wire needed. The satellite TV will be mixed into your house’s analog signal and the satellite TV channel is shown on channel one or two together with your local cable TV.

This diagram shows you how it works:

It looks complicated. In fact it’s just a transmitter beside your satellite receiver, and a AV receiver connected to your second TV. We had customer bought one set and tried to connect it by himself but finally failed to do so. It requires some skills. After it’s setup, the second TV has to be scanned all over again to find the satellite TV signal and to mix it together with the original cable TV channels.

Quality of picture transmission is not ideal considering that the original Dream video source is far from perfect. The device itself looks like the following:

Brand name is SeeBest. We have to find your house’s central cable network hub. A one way signal blocker has to be placed between the major cable TV signal input and distribution dashboard to prevent the satellite TV channel signal from being distributed to your neighborers.

There’s one part of it requires special attention, the transmitter box, which should be placed right above your satellite receiver, the infrared ray sensors  of both boxes have to be placed close to each other so the transmitter senses the infrared ray changes from satellite receiver. Often when the relative position is changed even a bit, the function fails. This is where most troubles coming from. I don’t like the design of this part especially.

Anyway, the whole above complicated thing is only to try to avoid an visible AV wire form first room to the second. If you don’t mind there’s such a wire, simple try Option One Plan A.

This thing works extremely well and stable. The black box beside the receiver is a AV transmission and receiving box, in the second room you can do the same remote controlling, changing channels, volume up and down, all the same satellite TV remote functions.

The feature is that this things never fails, does not require any special attentions at all. Switch it on, then it works. Picture transfer quality is also much better than the SeeBest device ’cause there’s no signal format switches at all.

Use this device and do not care about a thin wire placed by the conner of your floor and door frame.

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