Multimedia DM500-S DV3

“Hello, I seem to have lost my signal to all 38 tv channels (since 3 days ago ). Is there some general problem with the signal or is there something that I can do here to resolve this situation ? I have reset the receiver many times, but no solution!” How do you know ??. and how do I know that your box is not fake ?”

What’s your box brand? : Multimedia DM500-S DV3

“Sorry this is a copy box that’s why you have problem.We have legitimate subscription box second hand unit available at rmb 2200 including one year subscription.Let me know if you are interested”

“The fakers wouldn’t be so stupid as to put the wrong model number on the front of the box would they , or do you think I am an idiot in believing what you say ?? – Next time, try asking people for the actual SERIAL number stuck to the UNDERSIDE of the box !!!!”

Multimedia DM500-S DV3

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