Homecast Box OTA Software Upgrade 1.08 – 1.09

Last software upgrade notice for Homecast, from 1.08 to 1.09.

It was two years ago when Dream was migrating satellite to KoreaSat5 at 113E that the software was upgraded over the air to version 1.09.

How do you find your Homecast sw version?
Menu, Status, System Information, S/W version.

Most boxes connected to a 113E satellite were already software upgreaded. However, recently we found that some customers ignored the last version of OTA signal. Now they find out the old Homecast box, contacted us for subscription renewal.

Before we can do that, the dish has to be tuned to 113E, and the box software has to be upgraded to version 1.09.

From this week on, Dream is going to broadcast the last software upgrade signal. Remember, it is every Saturday, not in other days.

Please contact us, make sure the dish antenna is tuned to 113E the current satellite, and let’s keep the box on the whole day Saturday, so it picks up upgrade signal.


1. Connect box to dish cable which is pointing to 113E. Turn off power at box back, after one minute, switch it on.

The box will be rebooted, and we will see a message:


2. Ignor this message, waif until the box is fully rebooted again automaticlly, this time we will see a “upgrade menu”

3. Wait, we will see a downloading process bar, please DO NOT do anything until the process is done itself. After it’s completed, we will see a message: “installatin successful”.

4. The box is going to reboot itself again.

Check the current s/w version again, make sure it’s 1.09.

Those boxes with 1.08 version S/W will still be working. In case of a unit activation is needed, there’s no way to make it working again if you miss this last time of software upgrade. This is a very important message, hope you do not miss it.
How do I check my software version?
Menu button on your remote, move cursor to Status

Then you find two options, go the first one “System Information”, press “ok”

Then you find it as following:

S/W version 1.09;H/W version 1.00; loader version 2.01

Do please connect your box for the last chance software upgrade this and next month each Saturday. If you missed this chance, your Homecast box will be useless even you want to pay for the renewal, or if you still have subscription valid, when a technical unit activation needed, there’s no way to make the box working again.

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