Homecast Box Factory Default Reset

1. Menu, Installation

2. then you go to the 4th option: Factory Default, when you press “ok”, there’s a reminder.

The default option is “no” in case you do it¬†accidentally.

3. move the cursor to “Yes”

4. after confirm, wait around 30 seconds, then you will see a “black screen”

5. after some seconds, you will see a Loader Version 2.01 on screen, after that a big Dream logo with white background.



8. password required, it is : 1234

9. going in, you will find that the second signal bar is 0%

10. go to LNB Type, change it to 11300

11. after confirm you have signal over 60%

12. then go to “auto search”, which was explained in the previous post.


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