Homecast Box Channel Search


2. when you go in, you find 4 options, go to the 2nd one: Auto Search


4. password: 1234

5. Ok to confirm it, then you see:

You suppose to find 38 channels and 10 radio stations. It should be 100% done like indicated on up left bar. The up right bars are for signal indicators. One is for signal strength, it should be over 95%, the second one is Signal quality, it should be at least over 50%, ideally over 60%, if it’s under 45%, contact us for dish¬†configuration.

6. after it’s 100% done, you see this:

7. after you saved it, it goes back to “auto search”

8. go “exit” to channel list, as you normally see:

You will be redirected to channel one TV Maria. Now your channel list should be updated.

This practice is helpful when a unit activation is needed. do it before you request an activation so we can make sure that the box is in good working condition and software is in proper order.

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