Green Villas Pudong Installations

Since 2003 we have been to Green Villas for dish installations now and then. People come and go but in some cases our dishes are still there serving different tenants.

The Villa is located at the heart of Green City, luxurious residential area of Jinqiao, walking distance to Dulwich International School, Concordia International School, Green City Carrefour and Jinqiao Sports and Leisure Centre.

This house I have to install the dish behind the house because there’s no ideal location for an installation in front of it. We mounted on the cornor railing bar, opposite to the BBQ. A very tricky postion to receive signal acroos the house. It took us quite a while to find the signal there. A little bit lower of the postion there’s no signal at all.

Here’s another example of second floor balcony installation. Dish set back ¬†beyond the bar, instead of ticking forward.

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