Error Code 6 of KAON K-270 Box

Before the case story of today let me explain a bit about this error.

When we see such a message, there are two possibilities:
1. the subscription expired.
2. the unit needs to be reactivated.

In many cases it’s the second reason. You have to text or email us the  smart card number of your unit, find it this way.

Smart Card Number
CA System
CAS Slot 1: Conax CA
About Conax CA
Card Number: 020 5922 58x-x

Save the number please! Give us the number, then keep box on, some times better to do a Channel Search or Factory reset then keep it on before we request remote satellite signal activation. It taks 20 minutes for one round. You have to let us know immidiately after 20 minutes so we can do the second or third try if we know it’s not working yet.

Do NOT wait longer whithout letting us know and complaining that it’s not working for a long time. We have to work together to fix this problem. If you not let us know, we can not keep trying this for your unit all day. One time after each request from you please.
Stop here if you got the idea.

Here’s a case of today’s Error Code 6 problem:

“My tv is down, its saying error code 6, my card number is 0205920377X-X”

Late evening today I received this request from a subscriber from Zhanjiang, Guangdong provence…I don’t even know if there’s a signal coverage out there or not. I have not receive much messages from Guangdong since year 2010 when Dream migrated satellite to KoreaSat5, not including complains from existing customers ( sorry there’s nothing we can do here in Shanghai).

I checked the number and it was not from us. The customer said it must be fixed today. She kept pushing me to offer a solution. I told her that before I check the current status of this number, there’s nothing we can do for now. I have to find it out in office hour tomorrow.

I feel it’s not a subscription expiration error, 99% the box needs a reactivation remotely. I’m even more doubtful these days when I receive such requests from people who didn’t actually pay us for the service.

If I do it for free, it seems I’m serving competitor’s interests ’cause I have no guarantee that the customer will renew subscription from us, even in many cases they promise that they will while in their mind they have no idea of how long they will stay here at all. While in office hours when it’s much easier to check the data and do a quick unit activation, I don’t bother much indeed. Most people understand that we are doing it beyond our responsibility and they appreciate it. I believe when the current subscription expires, they at least will ask a quote for renewal from us. Of course we have to save the number and contacts to send subscription reminders before the expiration data.

In this case, I feel a little bit annoyed ’cause she’s been pushing me too hard when it’s 9:30pm and she insisted that it has to be fixed tonight. Some people just keep calling and pushing. What shall I do in this case? Spend some time on a people who didn’t actually a customer, and no warranty as a future perspective?

How about I simply say that your subscription has expired and it’s time to pay again?!?

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