EPL ON Dream?

If you are interested in football, please check ESPN Star Sports website for their broadcasting schedule. http://www.espnstar.com/home/football/

Please understand that we do not have control over each channels broadcasting schedule.

Today I have a customer asking for refund because that he is disappointed with ESPN programs. Please understand we are only a broadcaster, ESPN content is not provided by us. If you see there’s no EPL scheduled on ESPN or Star Sports the Southeast Asia and/or Philippine feeds, you are probably sure that you do not get it on the two channels. Some people say the schedule is not accurate either.

The best way is to write emails to the channels asking for you desired information.

To watch EPL, there’s a sure broadcasting on DishHD 122E,

DishHD cost more, almost double as Dream’s second hand box and subscription, which is the cheapest option available to watch some decent English channels.

You have to make a decision before you choose to buy from the two packages. Dream is not perfect, but the price is quite reasonable. If you are looking for some more decent channels, and in high definition, please increase your budget and buy the DishHD.

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