DREAM multimedia DM 500-S

DREAM multimedia DM 500-S; Satellite receiver; Model D M 500–S

Please note this type of box is not Dream satellite TV receivers. The brand name happens to be “Dream”. Now and then I receive emails like this: “Can you please tell me the PIN number of DREAM MD 500S satellite receiver I lost the instruction book and I cannot reset it.”

I’m sorry to say that I can not help even though I know the pin number is somewhere on the manual book if there is one from you installer.

After Dream’s year 2009 anti-piracy upgrade, most of the DM boxes are tuned to steal signal from 134E CBTV. You find CBTV channel list here:

A DM box looks like this:
DM box

If you are interested, you find more specification of it here:

It is legal to use this box to receive FTA channels anywhere in the world. Here in China, even the box itself is a cloned copy product. It cost around 300 on taobao.com to buy a fully programmed version. When it is programmed to steal a legitimate subscription smart card number, which other people actually paid for it, it is naked stealing. Think about this, if nobody pays the satellite TV company, who is going to organize the satellite TV transmission business, after that who is able to watch satellite TV anymore?

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