DREAM KAON Box Channel Search

Frequently people need to do a “channel search” to restore all the channels or update the channel list. Some times it is used to correct the wrong order of channels.

To a Homecast box, it’s easier. Since year 2010 there are more KAON K-270 box on the market. Personally I do not like the K-270 box much because the software and navigation is not good at all, compare to Homecast.

1. Find your remote control, press “Menu”, “Channel Search”, Pin Code: “0000”.

You will see the Scan screen, cursor on “KoreaSat5 113.0E”. Make sure the LNB Freq. is “11300”

2. press “OK” button, it will be tick marked. Press the Red button on your remote. red means all network scan here.

Change Network to be On, press “OK”, the the scan starts.

3. You will find New Channel (0), Radio (0), press “OK”, the cursor stays on TV Maria, which is channel No. 1. now.
(some times it is 38 new channels and 10 radio, if you do the search after a box default reset)

This picture above is “searching” in progress, when it is 100% done, you should see “TV List (38)”, “Radio List (10)”

4. Press “OK”, again, you see “Do you want to save?”, prss “OK” again to save it. Then press “EXIT”. The Channel will be on No.1 TV Maria.

Why on the picture above you see 44 channels? Because there are 6 extra free channels on a different transponder. On KoreaSat5 there are 3 transponders carring 38 subscription channels of Dream, while there’s another extra transponder which carries 6 free channels, they are not always available though.


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