“hello, i am in the philippines and have been complaining to
for a long time and they seem not able to do their job, know what to do,
or just make excuses.for several months the audio levels on CH 16 fox and ch38 fox sports is too high,
the audio level on ch20 AXN is too low.this has been causing problems scaring and waking up my kids in the nite when
the channel changes. its even worse if i watch axn and change to fox, since axn is low and fox is high.

even before espn changed to fox sports i told them the colors are saturated.
nothing has been done, and that has been at least a year.

i worked in broadcasting, and in the network where was an engineer at, we had the
ability to correct the audio and video levels and phase. dream tried to tell me they only repeat the signal, but i find that hard to believe. nobody would just repeat a signal, you always want control of the quality.

also, their PPV ads are way too loud. maybe they just don’t know how to set levels or what the standard is ( 0 VU (0db)) even though i have told them many times. the next step if nothing is done, i will complain to the NTC about the signal quality.

thank you for your time”

This is exactly why that we are doing a better job here in Shanghai for installations, activation and daily supports. Most people do not even get a reply from Dream’s business email. More people are transferring to DishHD since last year. Wake up Dream Satellite TV if the management is clear of what they really want. Remember there’s a market out there and people have the right an options to choose.

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