Crystal Box Channel Search

There are still quite a few subscribers using Crystal type of box. Now and then we need to do a “Channel Search’ to achieve unit activation or to refresh the channel updates. It’s not easy to do a Crystal Channel Search, I found many people have difficulities doing so. I put the procedures here:

Scan Channels

1. Press “Menu”, select “Installation” and press “Ok”
The LNB Confinguration part, in most the cases the LNB type uese in China is high 11300 / low 11300 type.

2. Select “TP Edit/Scan” and press “Ok”
The TP means transponder, Dream uses 3 of KoreaSat5 satellite’s transponders:

12390 V 25600
12430 V 25600
12470 V 25600

Make sure the are matching your receiver’s TP number.


3. Select “Scan” and press “Ok”

4. Select “All Network Scan Start” and press “Ok” to start channel scan


5. The scan window will appear to show the channels being captured and progress of scanning.

6. After scanning has reached 100%, a “Scan is Done” window will appear. Press “Ok” to finish scan.


At last press the ‘exit’ button to go back all the way to the normal watching page.

You also find a PDF version instruction of Crystal Channel Search.

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