Concerns Over Pirated Dealers

Today I receive this typical question again. I have been answering similar questions for many years in fact.

“I am a bit nervous however. I had TV like this twice in the past in Shanghai and each time I had connection problems after a few months and the guy who sold me the package disappeared. How do I know that won’t happen with you.”

I would like to explain a few things:

1. Yes, there are dishonest people selling one shot pirated deals, most likely cheaper than what we offer, copy system of 134E CBTV which is connected to internet, copy Dream system, need to be connected to internet as well, these boxes are like this. And some dealers who people told us that they were cheated before.

2. Is satellite TV legal in China, read this.

3. company? check Dream Satellite TV’s wiki page. we are the official Shanghai service center.

4. who are you? check my LindedIn page, and check with those who connected to me.

5. How to watch foreign TV in china, check this article by me. It was on before back to 2005 but later on we did not do  advertising from the website.

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