China Economy 2003-2012

I have a particular way to measure China’s economy growth, which is to calculate new comer numbers, to me it’s like new people who contacted me for varies of satellite TV things, as long as it was a name I don’t recognize, I counted it as one new comer. This is not a scientific analyse, just for fun. I’m not sure if this statistic meets your general China  experience, or Shanghai experience, assuming that you have been staying in Shanghai for over 3 years.

Shanghai as China’s window to the outside world for example, many people are curious about how many expatriates are out there exactly, especially those from developed countries. Nobody knows the exact number I guess. However, the accurate number does not make much sense, the trend over the years is more valuable to judge the future of economy of both Shanghai and China.

Assume the base number of year 2003 is 10, by year 2010, there are eight times of new comers. Do you have the same live feeling over the years? From 2010 on, the number starts to decrease, instead of increasing. Before  2003, we know that the number was indeed increasing each year.

The record shows that year 2010 is a remarkable tiptop, while 2008-2010 represents the fastest growth. Beijing Olympic and Shanghai expo did good jobs of promoting China as a major economic power globally. Such an image did attracted a lot of new explorers to Shanghai and China. Since then the number started to decrease, is there anybody studied what exactly are the reasons behind it so we have ideas of what will be happening next years coming up?

By the way, most people who really watch some TV are those people coming to China with their families. Most of our customers are families, over 80% in general I believe.

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