China Satellite TV Options

“I am in “”where”” and am looking for more TV espesially sports”

“I am interested in satellite tv for my apartment in Chanshu. Can you please contact me via email or phone 1862145xxxx ( I can only speak english not chinese) I am wanting to know the price as I do not have a satellite dish or anything installed already.”

There are two major international TV satellite packages in China:


Future renewal is RMB2,500 a year.

DishHD Asia
Channels: Price:

Future renewal is RMB3,500 a year.

In terms of sports channels, Dream has ESPN and StarSports; DishHD has ASN, GOLF, Extreme Sports and NBA.

Both system requires a 0.55m ku band dish for satellite signal reception, which is possible in most of the places in China.

DishHD covers whole China while Dream doesn’t cover Guangdong and Western proviences.

In terms of installation in cities other than Shanghai, we charge extra for the round trip train or bus transportation. A dish installation technician will go there with everything for the work.

So which to choose? Difference?

1. Dream is an older system, from Philippines, since 2001; DishHD is new, from Taiwan – US joint venture, since late 2010.

2. Dream is in standard definition video; while most of the DishHD channels are in HD. DishHD uses a HDMI connection to your TV. Dream use RGB old type.

3. Sports channels: Dream has ESPN and StarSports; DishHD has ASN, NBA, Golf and Extreme Sports

4. Dream has BBC, History, Biography, DishHD has no such channels but most of the other Dream channels and more movies and US channels like Fox, FX, and HBO movies…You have to check the channel list thoroughly.

5. Dream is cheaper, for new installation and renewal.

If I have a flexible budget I will buy DishHD unless channels like BBC, History, ESPN and StarSports are must.

Can I have both of them?
Yes, but we have to install two dish antennas for both of them, two cabling into the room and two receiver boxes. They will be using different type of your AV inputs, one AV Input, one HDMI port.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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