An Angry Subscriber From Beijing

Today a guy called Phil emailed us:

Message: please have someone call me \”who speaks English\” to renew my satellite subscription – \”do not have the Agent called ANDY from Beijing call me ! as he \’is a liar and an ABUSIVE drunk ! who called my girlfriend FILTHY names – my number in Beijing is 15010xxxxxx – i also sent a \’request to talk at \’gmail , but no reply yet.

Since it’s Sunday I offered my cell phone number so I can do something if there’s anything I can do like an unit activation or so. While the communication went on like this:

So he sent text afterwards:

Phil: is this ‘ Dream Satellite” in china, correct?

Me: yes, error message and smartcard please

Phil: i think it’s due for ‘renewal’ CHIP ID 005 6190 XXXX, 5 csn dose this help?

Me: is your box KAON? if so find the smart card number here. i need to check the subscription status, tks.

Phil: card# 020 5923 xxxx-x

Me: the expiration date is 2013-01-09. what’s the error message now?

Phil: no error message, just says ‘no signal’

Me: free channels working? TV Maria, Living Asia? How much is the signal quality, practice pls check the link i gave

Phil: none of the channels are working 15% reception, no one has touched anything on the system, i have been in overseas for 3 months, my g/f said she tried it just after i left & 3 months ago ‘ no channels then either ” DO NOT SENT THAT DRUND “ANDY” from Beijing service, if thats what you might be thinking of suggesting, i do expect this to be ‘rectified forthwith thank you.

Me: it seems like a dish antenna problem, dish has to be checked, where are you located? we have a guy in beijing who can do dish check but it’s going to cost 200-300

Phil: i will contact my lawer here in beijing tomorrow morning, may be YOU should pay more attention to the content of my message, i am not PLAYING TEXT MESSAGES ALL NIGHT, i am sure my lawyer will make enough trouble for DREAM TV, posiably you may be confused? “that I am an idiot” i am not paying ANYTHING FOR THIS TO BE FIXED, i will also be suing for the damage that was caused last time, to the apartment, by your abusive & drunden tech ANDY!

Me: we don’t know him, no idea who he is, so please leave me alone out of this thing, please talk to people u r dealing directly, to people who u actually paid, not me, i’m out now, it seems i can not help here. tks.

Phil: good luck, my message are clear, i have all your replies to me including YOUR FIRST REPLY, confirming that you are from DREAM TV, his will be given to my lawyer for court action, like i said, posiably you mistook me for an ‘idiot, i’m sure Dream TV head office will impressed!!

Me: anyway, we didn’t take your money, there was no deal from u at all, and no idea who is the guy u talked about.

Phil: well you can your company can see what the judge thinks of that pathetic answer, i’m no longer interested in your bullshit. good night.

Well Phil, I’m not thinking you are an idiot, I fully understand your situation. I have checked your smart card is still valid until next year…I have to stop wasting my time on you. Check these links:

So now you know what happens if you went to the wrong person for installation… I learned a new “idiomatic expression” which is “Barking up the wrong tree“. to be continued…

Tuesday, 23 October
Phil: my lawyer is contacting the authorities in shanghai today, to find out if Dream tv has a legal operationg licence in China. then also contracting Dream tv direct in the philippines, enjoy the RIDE, i am going to cause a lot of trouble for you after your BULLSHIT on Sunday, I’m also have my friends put a sotry about you & Dream tv ON SINA / WEIBO – this should impress the bosses in the philippines -, have a nice day.

Well, Phil, do not forget a link when you publish something online. I appreciate it.

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