Bad Dish Installations Sample

Last week I went to a new customer who just moved into a new house.

There were two receiver box, one is KAON box which is obviously for Dream; the other one is a Signal standard definition box, with only RCA analog AV output. It was first time for me to see a SD Cignal box: the reason people buy Cignal is for the HD it offers, though it was a old story of at least 2 years ago. From then on, Cignal ceased exports to China.

Cignal boxes are all complicated, even hard to play with it than a computer installation. I saw another customer who called Philippine for box activation onsite after I helped him to install the 0.75m dish facing 108.2E. It took him around 20 minutes until the other end got the necessary information, like hardware version, s/w version, stb number, smart card, subscriber’s name, ID, not to say other technical details.

Ok, back to this case. When I go out checking around, I found two dishes installed like this:

Problem No.1, both dishes were mounted on concrete wall with drilled holes and self-expansion¬†bolts. There’s no need to do any damage to the all at all.

Both dishes could be installed on the guard railing, inside it, under the bar, beside the air conditioners. This way it won’t look as obvious as for now.

The left bigger dish is for 108.2E Cignal system, dish size 0.75m in diameter. The right one smaller dish is a more standard Ku band dish, pointing 113E KoreaSat5.

See what I say about the installation mounting position? To remove the dishes to be inside the black guard railing, one beside another, right close to the air conditioners.

Anyway, the customer decide to leave it there ’cause it was arranged by the landlord.

Next, after one year, the normal screws look like this. For the second year, if there are some thing wrong about the dish position, it’s hard to replace those poor quality screws. The regular installer might be asking extra money for a new dish while the problem is the rusted parts, the whole piece of dish is still functioning.

Before I left, I spend 30 minutes replacing them all, screws and connectors. The screws cost me around RMB30 but i know I won’t come back to this house for any repair works.

Four stainless steel flat-head screw holding dish plate? They are very easily rusted ones. Once they are replaced with better ones, the dish works over 6 years without any failures.

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