Arion AF-5102S Smart Card Number

From this year we have more Arion AF-5102S box installed. You might need to find the smart card number for either renewal or unit re-activation practices. Beside taking the card out of card slot, there’s a better way to find the info on your TV screen over a few clicks of remote controller.
Find Menu on your remote. You will find major options like:
Search Channel, Edit, Setup, Tools, CAS,
Move left/right/up/down to find Tools.
Under Tools, you find the first option is System Info.
The number we need to write down is: Serial Number Smartcard: 020 5926 7958-1

(please note this number does not apply to your box, this is just a sample instruction, you have to follow the procedure to find your own. We had customers sending us the sample number!)

Alternatively, the smart card number is also found under Conax, under the  fifth option CAS

Conax is a developer and manufacturer of television encryption, conditional access and content security for digital television.

After Conax Conditional Access, go to About Conax CA, here you find Card Number: 020 5926 7968-1You also find your box’s software Version: 1.0

Please save the smart card number, in your cell phone, or at back of our installation receipt, or on the hard copy user’s guide, anywhere you can find it when we need to check the number.

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