A Good Dish Installation On Enclosing Wall

Here I post a dish antenna I installed last year.  The location of mounting is unique, deep into the bushes, beside the house with good signal and strong basement. I mounted it higher so the gardener won’t touch it accidentally which happen a lot when they do the bush and grass cut. Experiences enable me to avoid the potential problems from the very beginning.

The cabling is hidden behind the bushes, along the bottom under the wooden outdoor terrace floor, all the way to the living room at it’s back. The cable was later on connected to cable TV hub from where signal is redirected to a particular room. Actually the satellite signal could be redirected to any room.

The cable going up with water pipe crossing house was internet cat5e wire which was previously used to extend the internet to the other room ’cause a copy 134E box was used before.

The installation’s feature is that when people move with satellite TV, there’s no damage to anything left to the house. Installation takes much shorter time, no wall drilling noise so we can even do it in weekends and evening, the whole process is quite, no disturbing to your neighbors at all.

Installation of dish takes 30 minutes, cabling takes 1 hour.

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