A Collection of Copy Boxes

Recently we have a request to activate the Dream subscription. I asked for his current receiver box brand and smart card number, later on I got the following information:

“The cards we current have say SUN Card OS on them. One receiver has Dream on it, another Bolt and another im not sure. I have attached photos of the different receivers and cards we have throughout the house.”

I checked over the pictures and found in this case we have exactly a collection of most commonly seen copy boxes to Dream. It seems that the landlord has been trying hard to keep the system working by updating all the copy version, typical.

CDTV 430 and BOLT, they are the same, and Sun cards, they were used before 2009 as pirated versions to Dream. DM560-S is an open box, in many cases connected to internet, it used to be a common pirated box to Dream.  

OCN is the local cable TV digital box, you have to subscribe to OCN to watch the local chinese cable tv.

The only thing we probably could use is the dish outside. If you can take a photo of that dish too, i can judge if it’s condition is good. We have to change the dish LNB anyway, the dish does not save you much.


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