Limited Warranty
Subscription and dish installation services agreement & Limited Warranty documents.

Manual Books

Satellite receiver manual books for K-270, Homecast, Crystal, hard copy scanned versions.

Video Quality
Standard definition video of PAL and NTSC output 720x480i.

Technical Supports:
Technical instructions on dish set up, receiver and TV connections.

Trouble Shooting:
List of all possible error messages and instructions to solve differnt problems.

Home Theatre:
Integrate satellite TV into your home theatre system.

Signal Coverage
Signal Coverage Map, Satellite feed footprint.


Anti PiracyPiracy is stealing. Software and encoding upgrades have beaten the Dream pirated copies since year 2009.

Smart card piracy: from the inception of satellite TV, a thriving underground industry has existed where pirates first crack the complex codes embedded in the smart cards, and then sell the secrets for personal gain. More advanced and complicated anti-piracy technologies are being adapted by Dream Satellite TV to beat piracy. Please buy legitimate subscription to protect you interest.

Piracy is rife in digital media worldwide. Media producers and rights owners are entitled to be paid for what we copy and watch. Bypassing electronic security measures designed to protect an encoded satellite TV transmission is an infringement of copyright.

Satellite TV broadcasters transmit their channels in encoded form. Several competing encoding systems are used on international satellite channels. To receive a Pay-TV channel it is necessary to buy a Pay-TV card for that channel, pay for a subscription, and insert the viewing card into a receiver with the appropriate encoding system.

Please note that the following boxes are copy pirated boxes if they are used to receive signal from Agila 2 at 146E, the commercial Dream Satellite TV package. You are not protected as legitimate subscribers with channel availability warranty.

Pirated Boxes:

Type A:
CDTV 410, CDTV 430, XSAT, BOLT , which are outdated. They basically look the same. No use since year 2009 anti-piracy upgrade. Picture.

Type B:
Dreamboat 500 ( ADM ), Dreamboat 800 (ADM ), which need to be connected to internet via router, to share internet server updated access coding information. Please note that Dreamboat has nothing to do with Dream Satellite TV. The box's brand name happens to be as Dreamboat. Picture 1 & 2. These boxes are still widely used to pirate system like 134E CBTV, which are the most commonly found internet card sharing piracy to satellite broadcasters in China on the market.

Special Notice: DM500/800 box could no longer break Dream coding since summer of 2009 when Dream was upgraded to NagraVision3. Nowadays these pirated boxes are most commonly used to pirate CBTV at 134E, stealing the CBTV system's international channels. CBTV is using the same size Ku band dish facing 134E, Southeast 10 o'clock direction. In many cases the box receives two signal inputs from both 134E and 138E, which are closed to each other. 138E is a Taiwan system offers some Chinese channels.

The Dreambox is a series of Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television receivers (set-top box), produced by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia. It is an open platform decoder, When it is used to receive Dream or other commercial TV broadcasting signals, it's a pirated box. Here even the boxes themselves are Chinese cloned version.

Piracy Dealers:
The websites and contacts you find in the linked page have nothing to do with our business. We do not take any responsibilities for the receiver units, subscription or dish installations sold by these people. We do not use any local resellers and/or dealers in mainland China. Be aware of the possible fraud tricks from piracy dealers, Shanghai & China:

1. Subscription Shortage: First installation receiver unit is not with an one year full subscription. Receiver can be activated with minimum one month loading.

2. Fake receivers: Any receiver boxes supposed to be connected to internet routers are fake pirated version, to any satellite system.

Piracy Dealers
(Shanghai, Beijing)

This article helps you to know more about satellite TV options and how to choose from different packages and installers, and many other alternatives other than satellite TV. How to watch International TV?In Shanghai and Around China (2012 version)